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We’re obsessed with providing the best kinesiology tape in the world for our customers. That’s why you can feel the Spidertech difference.


Whether you're a medical professional using our Pre-cuts or self applying using our i-STRIPs the SNAP, STICK, GO backing paper makes Spidertech the easiest kinesiology tape in the world to use.


Our 18 body specific one piece pre-cut products have every part of your body covered. They provide consistency and reproducibility for the medical professional to maximize efficacy and provide ease and simplicity for the novice and self application user.


The recommended applications and instructions are designed by Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Coaches all with one thing in common; they are specialists in their fields and they have years of experience using Spidertech


Several years ago SpiderTech’s founder went skiing in the mountains and ended up sidelined after an aching knee took its toll.

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Like any entrepreneur he sought the help of a doctor to keep him going. Surprisingly, the doctor broke out a roll of kinesiology tape and did a complicated taping technique that helped relieve the discomfort, allowing him to hit the slopes again. While back skiing he couldn’t help but think that there must be a better way to tape up sore muscles and joints: that’s when he had his eureka moment – PRE-CUTS! Shortly thereafter, SpiderTech was born and the first pre-cuts were the shape of a “spider” for the knee.

Fast forward to today and SpiderTech is a leading pre-cut therapeutic tape – designed for fast, easy application that you can do yourself. We have full scale “body part specific” applications favored by sports therapists, to our revolutionary i-STRIP products for use by both therapists and enthusiasts.

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Spidertech kinesiology tape (KT) products are proudly manufactured in Toronto, Canada using the highest quality materials.


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